Algae-Oust 500ML




ReefGrow Algae-Oust works by clarifying the water column resulting in crystal clear water. By reducing nitrates and phosphates (algae food sources) thus algae growth is halted. When used in conjunction with ReefGrow Bio Load flocculation of bacterial algae such as red cyano and brown diatoms will occur. This allows for easy mechanical removal by a protein skimmer or filter sock.

Directions: Add 5ml of ReefGrow Algae-Oust per 10 US-gallons of water daily. Do NOT exceed this amount in a twenty-four hour period. Add directly to sump, or if no sump is available, add to high flow area. Never add directly over corals. Protein skimmer is required as well as appropriate oxygen levels. To ensure proper oxygen levels Algae-Oust should ALWAYS be used with ReefGrow Bio Load. Failure to do so could result in depleted oxygen levels resulting in loss of livestock. Maintenance: Add 5ml of ReefGrow Algae-Oust per 20 US-gallons of water weekly to help maintain water clarity.

ReefGrow Algae-Oust is a proprietary blend of trace minerals, bromide salts and complex carbon chains that are reef safe. Not an algaecide and 100% biodegradable.

Each 500mL bottle will treat up to 1000 US Gallons.


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