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Energy and building blocks

We all know by now that the photosynthates provided by zooxanthellae can in harsh conditions provide 100% of the daily energy needed by corals to survive.  But these energy sources often lack in both phosphorus and nitrogen, furthermore it is now thought that this is fuel for respiration as well as mucus secretion, instead of what we used to think accounted for overall biomass.

We now know thanks to the due diligent work of marine biologist the world over that our little algae friends transfer not only simple sugars (glucose) but also glycerol, fatty acids, triglycerides and even amino acids to their hosts.  These compounds are then quickly used up by coral tissue.  We also now know that as part of the energy gained from photosynthesis is used to help facilitate to translocate not only calcium but bicarbonate ions to the calicoblatic layers which are essential for new skeletal growth.

For more information on exactly how corals feed, we invite you to read the aforementioned article.  What is most important from this article is how ReefGrow has been teaching ionic balance in major water chemistry for years now to hobbyists, the same is true for amino acids.  Of the 20 amino acids known to man eleven are truly the most important.  Most products today give hobbyists only one of these eleven.  ReefGrow Amino Ignition gives you nine of the eleven, and ReefGrow took it a step further and balanced our formula to match that of the average stony coral uptake of these eleven.  Not to be outmatched by amino acids alone ReefGrow added B complex vitamins as well as other essential vitamins and minerals.

With ReefGrow Amino Ignition hobbyists will see an increase in growth rate, color as well as over all health of all the biodiversity in the home reef aquarium.  Ignite your corals performance today!


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