Bio Load 500ML




ReefGrow Bio Load helps by adding liquid oxygen to reef aquariums which are lacking appropriate levels.  Often times red cyanobacteria forms when  oxygen levels are depleted, Bio Load when used with ReefGrow Algae-Oust can remove even the most stubborn red cyanobacteria.  Not only does Bio Load help oxygenate the reef aquarium but it also helps to increase skimmer efficiency when dosed properly and it clarifies yellow water syndrome by flocculating excess bacteria found in the water column of aquariums where proper water changes aren’t quiet enough.

With the use of ReefGrow Bio Load you can easily increase ORP the way nature intended while increasing the natural capacity of any enclosed ecosystem.

Increasing oxygen stabilizes excess CO2 buildup and de-gasses carbonic acid build-up from skimmers forcing carbon dioxide back into solution.


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