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ReefGrow® uses pure USP grade calcium in a low concentrated blend of balanced ions.  Designed for hobbyist who want to maintain the utmost stable systems to provide optimum coral growth and health.

Having ionic calcium levels found in natural seawater available at all times in a form that is readily absorbed by corals with little psychical work, means more energy available for skeletal growth.  ReefGrow® Calcium Pro recommends keeping levels to that of natural seawater, which has an average of about 412 ppm of calcium.  It is not necessary to maintain high levels of calcium, in fact coraline algae and corals can have magnificent growth rates with calcium levels as low as 380ppm.

Unlike other competitors products, all ReefGrow® products can and should be for optimum growth, used daily and can be used within mere minutes of each other.


Empty package contents into a clean and close-able two liter bottle. Add one liter of distilled water or RO water, securely cap bottle, shake away from face, contents will become extremely hot and under pressure. Open bottle slowly away from face or others and finish filling bottle to full two liters. Finally secure bottle tightly and shake well one last time.

Note – Always do proper testing before dosing your aquarium. ReefGrow® recommends you keep levels close to that of average natural sea water, the way nature intended, for optimum health & longevity of your reef.


Beginner – Use .4 mL per gallon (4 mL per 10 gallons) of tank water daily. Check calcium levels regularly and adjust dosage amounts accordingly.  You can also use our friendly web-app to build customized weekly dosing schedules.

Expert  – Each 4 mL/10 G raises calcium by 7.25 ppm.  Calculating your actual usage modify your dose levels accordingly to keep calcium levels balanced and only replenish what your reef uses in a given twenty-four hour period.

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