Defense Coral Dip 500ML




ReefGrow Defense was developed to be a healthy barrier between the water your precious coral was shipped in and the water in your quarantine or your display tank.  It eliminates the additional step and stress of rinsing off the coral after dipping because the proprietary blend of ingredients that Defense is made of is everything that is already in your QT or DT and nothing more.

What makes Defense different than other coral dips is it only contains elements found in natural seawater and not harsh insecticides or plant based oils. These salts in an imbalanced manner causes hitchhikers to vacate rocks and corals.

Tests have shown that an 8 minute dip in Defense removed all pests from the various corals including but not limited to; Nudibranchs, Bristleworms, Starfish, Crabs and Flatworms.

Directions: Add 35ml of ReefGrow Defense to 1 US Gallon of tank water (must be saltwater) in a seperate container. NEVER dose directly to tank, this product is NOT safe for fish or inverts. Soak corals for eight minutes, if corals begin to expel brown slime remove immediately and place in tank. Once the dip is complete gently shake corals and rocks upside down to knock off any hitchhikers which may still be clining to items. Place item directly back into tank as no rinsing after dip is necessary.

ReefGrow always recommends quarantining corals just like fish, this allows for a visual inspection after dipping thus giving hobbyists time to do a second dip if necessary. Always discard dip after use, as toxins from pests such as flat worms will persist.


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