Fish Frist Aid 500ML




ReefGrow First Aid for Fish works by utilizing natural elements found in seawater to help fish overcome many conditions.  First Aid for Fish has been used by many ReefGrow authorized dealers and hobbyists with great fanfare because it is a reef safe formula does not contain copper.  With no copper First Aid for Fish makes the task of treating fish in the reef aquarium much easier and reduces stress to an already sick fish by chasing and finally catching them, as well as stressing out the rest of your reef’s inhabitants or possibly damaging corals or rock scape.

First Aid for Fish in action
First Aid for Fish in action

ReefGrow First Aid for Fish uses a proprietary formula of amino acids, minerals and halogens all found in natural seawater in levels which are safe for all reef inhabitants including delicate corals.  First Aid for Fish like all other ReefGrow products are designed based on nature’s perfect formula and can be used in conjunction with all other ReefGrow products.


Dose 4ml of First Aid for Fish for every 10 US Gallons of water on days 1, 4 & 7.  After the third dose on day seven, ReefGrow suggests a minimum of 25% water change if you feel that you aren’t seeing an improvement of your fish’s health and wish to continue dosing.  Generally by day seven you should see a dramatic improvement in the overall health. Each 500mL bottle treats up to 1,250 US gallons.


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