GFO Granular Ferric Oxide 1 LB




GFO (Granular Ferric Oxide) removes phosphate from the marine aquarium more efficiently than other GFO products on the market. More hobbyists rely on the use of GFO as a filter media than any other for phosphate removal. ReefGrow GFO is essential to maintaining an ultra low phosphate coral reef system. Maintaining low levels of phosphates with ReefGrow GFO will help prevent algae outbreaks as well as help with existing algae issues. The use of GFO in the marine aquarium will promote a cleaner system eliminating the need for cleaning your tank as often. ReefGrow GFO can be used either in media reactors or media bags.

Like Nitrates, phosphates are part of the natural biological process, however like many things in life in moderation. High levels of phosphates can actually slow down the growth rates of stony corals. By using ReefGrow GFO you can actually increase the growth rate of stony corals.


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