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ReefGrow® Buffer Pro combats the common reef pH issues.  Often times when raising calcium, magnesium or alkalinity levels pH can suffer.  ReefGrow® helps combat this in two ways; education of proper chemistry and our unique blend of not only carbonates and bicarbonate in perfect balance but also our blend of boric acids give you both perfect pH as well as perfect pKa.  This solves the pH puzzle that most hobbyists experience when dealing with pH issues.  The ReefGrow® specialized industry unique blend is the first of its kind literally giving the hobbyist piece of mind that pH is going to be spot on each and every time it is tested.

Other companies offer products such as pH up, ReefGrow® offers proper education of chemical balance and the chemicals needed to achieve this.  If you keep an ionic balanced reef pH will stay perfect.

Unlike other competitors products, all ReefGrow® products can and should be  used daily for optimum growth, and can be used within mere minutes of each other.


Empty contents of this package into a clean and sealable two liter bottle.  Add enough water to fill to two liter mark with distilled water or RO water (again why pay premium price for something you already have.)  Finally secure bottle tightly and shake well.

Note – Always do proper testing before dosing your aquarium. ReefGrow® recommends you keep levels close to that of average natural sea water, “the way nature intended,” for optimum health & longevity of your reef.  Average natural seawater total alkalinity levels tend to be at or around 9.63 dKH or 172 ppm.  This includes both carbonate alkalinity as well as borate alkalinity.

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2L Refill Packet, 2L Jug


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