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Magnesium Pro 2L

Magnesium Pro 2L


ReefGrow® Magnesium Pro provides an ion much needed for coral skeletons, much like calcium, strontium and carbonates. Unbeknownst to most hobbyists not only do stony corals use magnesium but fish, bacteria and even coralline algae use bio-available magnesium.

Often times cheaper salts tend to have extremely high levels of magnesium, as low magnesium levels can cause pH levels to plummet as well as interfere with available calcium levels.   ReefGrow® Magnesium Pro is a fully available magnesium available ion and much like ReefGrow® Calcium Pro it dissolves crystal clear you know it’s available for your reef inhabitants.

Unlike other competitors products, all ReefGrow® products can and should be used daily for maximum growth. And can be used within mere minutes of each other.


Empty contents of this package into a clean and sealable two liter bottle.  Add enough water to fill to two liter mark with distilled water or RO water (again why pay premium price for something you already have.)  Finally secure bottle tightly and shake well.

Note – Always do proper testing before dosing your aquarium. ReefGrow® recommends you keep levels close to that of average natural sea water, the way nature intended, for optimum health & longevity of your reef.  Average natural seawater total magnesium levels tend to be at or around 1293 ppm.


Beginner – Use .4 mL per gallon (4 mL per 10 gallons) of tank water daily. Check magnesium levels regularly and adjust dosage amounts accordingly.  You can also use our friendly web-app to build customized weekly dosing schedules.

Expert  – Each 4 mL/10 G raises magnesium by 3.7 ppm.  Calculating your actual usage by testing and modify your dose levels accordingly to keep magnesium levels balanced.  Then only replenish what your reef uses in a given twenty-four hour period.